Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Prophetic word

I went to post a short video of Bro Vinnie Imperial who preached at the Passover Conference this year in 2015, and then the following prophetic flow came forth-
"Let me declare that there are new faces arising who will carry the Ark of the presence of God to many places and many peoples...some who have not even tasted of heavenly things shall taste and see that the Lord is Good when they are swept up in the folds of His garments and held in His embrace. For I love all those ones who are yet to come and I love all those who are mine already. So yes, there are many new faces but it is the same old message of My love and my embrace.

For I have embraced humanity and set my self amongst them. They are mine in the day I make them my jewels...they are mine. It is time for the new wine to be poured out full strength into the cup of my joy. For new wine shall overflow the vats and where are those who will receive it? I myself shall bring them new wine, I shall serve them at my table, and they shall be full says the Lord. For in this day there are those who will come and drink and say..."where has this come from"? This is that which I have always purposed to bring upon the hungry and those who are drink and be filled says the Father...for my heart is yearning for you to partake of my living water.

It is a deluge, it is a flood...with strong love I come and with deliverance and healing I shall flow down upon the head and then the shoulders and then the body...for my heart is to heal all and to set all free ...this is it! This is my presence..this is my anointing and I give it to whomever I be not offended when you see the ones who I will use in this hour.

I choose and I one else can usurp it and no one can turn it aside...for the push of my wave shall devour and consume the hearts of the needy and the hungry soul shall be satiated says your God. New happenings shall be manifestations of power and anointing...frightful things to some ..and to others wonders and miracles. "

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Crown Joshua - Moses is dead

The picture of Moses and Joshua together at the end of Moses time on earth is a prophetic or symbolic teaching for us today.
Deu 31:14 Then the LORD said to Moses, "Behold, the days approach when you must die; call Joshua, and present yourselves in the tabernacle of meeting, that I may inaugurate (give him a charge)him."
Moses could not enter the Promised land...or... it could not be, that God would allow Moses to enter. Moses was to be synonymous with the Law of God and Paul tells us that that by the keeping of the Law no flesh shall be justified. Gal 2:14-16
Moses himself had disobeyed God thus failing to enter. The Old Covenant was never meant to be the way a person would be justified in God's sight. Rather it was given so that sin may become exceedingly sinful, showing man that he needed a Saviour. Not even Moses could keep the Law perfectly.
In Joshua we have a type of Christ having the same Hebrew name as the One we call Jesus. Yeshua is God's salvation to mankind and even all creation. In Jesus alone a person is justified. By faith alone one is deemed righteous. God told Moses that he MUST die and that Joshua will lead the people into the Promised land. And I want to declare to myself and to you dear reader, that Moses must die...indeed Moses has died! The Old man is dead, long live the King!!
As Paul tells us in Romans 6-- The Old man was crucified with Christ, buried with Him. The New man is Christ Jesus raised from the dead in you. Your Moses died , now your Joshua lives. You are not under Moses authority anymore, you are in Christ who is your Joshua. He leads you into the Promised land. It is the prophetic timing of God NOW to inaugurate Joshua in a corporate sense.
For too long(God's timing)we have laboured under Moses...striving in our own efforts to be good enough for God to bless us.
Today I declare that Moses is dead! Today I shout it out for those who have ears to hear---That JOSHUA is alive and He it is who is chosen to go into the Land.
When Paul said "consider or reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord" Rom 6:11 he was saying the same thing as this--Moses is dead-Joshua lives. Reckon yourself to be dead indeed to Moses but alive to Joshua.
Entering into the Promises of God is not by works but by faith. Moses represents works, Joshua Faith. In fact John said, "For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ." Joh 1:17 Grace= unmerited, unearned favour! This Jesus, you have in your earthen vessel-in you! Jesus in you is the Grace and favour of God. He enters into the Promised land...and we go with him.
When Joshua went in he then began conquering enemies, clearing the land, taking possession of it. There is no way one can possess one's soul(or land) through obedience to Moses Laws. There is no power given to us through trying to keep a sabbath day, or trying not to lie, or steal or trying not to commit adultery. If you are living that way, you will know failure on every point. Grace is given to us only as we admit our inabilty to keep any of His laws.
Grace flows--the life of Jesus in us- when we be our weak selves before God with no pretending or trying to please Him. Joshua never did bring the people of Israel into the Rest of God. That remained for Jesus to do. Our Saviour Jesus completely overcame and conquered...he has sat down at the right hand of the Father waiting till his enemies are made his footstool.
Today we inaugurate Jesus our New Man---our true nature--our only life.
We inaugurate you Lord.
You are our inner man-you are our righteousness. You are our Rock and our Help in all times- for at all times we are in need of You. You lead us ever onward towards the finish line, fully confident that we shall appear holy and blameless before our God and Father.
You are our Joshua- of an excellent spirit. You are the Warrior King who takes us with you into your own Victory. We turn our backs on Moses and fully face You and declare You Jesus- You Yeshua- You Joshua to be our ONLY leader and King.
Crown Him the Lord of Lords-- the Lamb upon the throne!
Crown Him the King of Kings! The One who overcame!
Crown Him with many crowns- the Lamb who was slain for all
Oh rejoice oh earth and rejoice Oh Heaven for the Lamb of God has risen and is alive forever more!
Today is Inauguration Day. We crown our Joshua--we enter into the Kingdom by faith- we overcome by His faith.
A new day has begun..the people of God are moving into what is rightfully theirs. The old masters have been put down...the old system is being replaced with the new. God shall rule and reign and be our God even as we are His people. This day I declare it is so!
Our God shall reign and walk among us and be our God- even a God to us. Look out all those who would stand in our way for we shall not be denied. Our Father has great pleasure in giving us the Kingdom...a land flowing with milk and honey. Great blessings are upon us..great deliverance he gives to His annointed ones.
They are arising in this hour to take the throne and rule. Be not afraid of the residue of the enemy...they shall be even as in a dream- they shall vanish into smoke and drift away. But you who are called by My name shall go forth and shall walk in love and in peace and all the earth show flow with the river of My glory. This is the hour of release...this is the time of great outpourings--get ready to receive what I will give.
Rivers on desolate heights. Valleys overflowing with My grace. I give and no one shall take it away anymore.
This is a new day. This is a new hour. This is a brand new era in which My word shall not return to Me void. I call and they shall come. I whistle and all shall hear Me. So be not afraid. Go forth and be led by Me

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