Thursday, 12 July 2018

What is God?

I hear a lot of my Christian brethren speak about going to be with God in heaven one day when they die.
The question I pose today for your consideration is:& What is God?

What is God that we can go and be with Him one day?

If you believe in the Scriptures then we share something in common. It is recorded in John 4:24 that

Jesus said "God is spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."

Okay, there you have the definitive answer from the Lord Jesus- God is spirit.

What is spirit?

For starters spirit is invisible. God is invisible. So do not expect to see God with your physical eyes.
Angels are also spirits and as such are invisible. Yet when Elijah prayed God opened his servant's eyes to see the armies of angels all around. His spiritual eyes were able to see them.

But angels are not God even though they are spirit. God is the Father of spirits which means that all spirits came forth from his loins...from Himself. Angels came forth from God...Who is the Creator of heaven and earth. God is the Creator of heaven and earth?

Yes..God created all that is spiritual, or heavenly(made of spirit)and all that is earthly..that is made of earth.

And man is the only created being that is both spirit/heaven and earth.
Our spirit came from our Father and like Him is eternal.